Microscope tray

Visually inspecting the cells while they grow is one of the most attractive features of the Physiochip family. However, transporting the whole fludic set-up to the microscope can be sometimes tricky, especially when multiple reservoirs and connecting tubes form the culture circuit.

The Physiochip microscope tray is specifically designed to hold a Physiochip and up to three reservoirs and is extremelly useful when transporting the fluidic set up. This tray can be used both inside the incubator and in the microscope, where it will maintain the Physiochip in a fixed position avoiding it moving from the desired inspection position. Its size corresponds to the standard multiwell plate, so it is compatible with the most of the microscopes*.

[*] Note that, in order to get a perfect fitting, the dimensions and of the tray may slightly vary to adapt to your microscope brand and model. Please contact us and let us know which microscope you are using so we can adapt the tray to it.


Technical Specifications

Physiochip microscope tray
Tray fully compatible with the Physiochip holder for transporting the experimental set-up and maintain the holder in a fixed position under the microscope
Dimensions (approximate) 129 x 86 mm (Length x Width)
Held Physiochip holders 1
Held reservoirs Up to three
Autoclavable No