Equipment for research in cell culture

EBERS Medical Technology SL is devoted to the development of equipment for cell and tissue culture.

We are focused in creating new and innovative products which help the users to improve their protocols by providing new tools able to simplify research tasks or offering technical solutions which make easier to develop new experimental set-ups in simple and efficient way.

EBERS manufactures, markets and service products for research institutions in several countries by means of its distributors network and also provides extensive development services of bespoke culture chambers for tissue engineering.

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  • 3 parallel assays per chip
  • Optimal cell attachment
  • Optimized chip holder for easy manipulation
  • Fully integrated solution - pumping systems and accessories available
  • Coverslip-like bottom compatible with high-end microscopy
  • Small volume – minimal amount of medium andsupplement


  • Live cell imaging under flow-derived shear stress
  • Rolling and adhesion
  • Mimicking flow conditions in blood vessels
  • Long-term culture under mechanical stimulation of adherent cells

Physiochip configurations

  • Flow chip +

    The Flow Chip is a cell culture chamber optimized for the execution of cell-based assays under flow conditions. It is Read More
  • Gradient chip +

    The Gradient Chip is an easy-to-use cell culture system that permits to generate long-term stable gradient profiles of soluble molecules Read More
  • Transflow chip +

    The TransFlow Chip results from the integration of flow microenvironments with traditional transwell models. The combination of a permeable support Read More
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