About us

EBERS develops, manufactures and commercializes devices for research in cell culture, with special emphasis in the field of bioreactors and culture chambers for tissue engineering. Such bioreactors try to reproduce in an in-vitro culture environment some of the conditions which cells experience when growing in-vivo by using two different approaches: the application of controlled flow rates or the direct deformation of the scaffolds in which cells are seeded.

The TEB series bioreactors allows applying a wide variety of flow profiles on the cultures. Used in combination with any of the available EBERS culture chambers, it allows creating both perfusion and perifusion conditions to culture cells on porous bone-type scaffolds as well as on cylindrical vessel-type scaffolds. The TC-3 bioreactor allows applying direct compression on the scaffolds to simulate in the culture the deformation occurring in the in-vivo tissues. Tension and compression can be alternatively applied to simulate the growing conditions in ligament, tendon or bone scaffolds. Moreover, our experienced engineering offers a consultancy service for the adaptation bioreactors and culture chambers to the particular demands of each researcher.

As a crucial part of the company's strategy, we currently continue developing new systems for cell culture. We kindly invite you to surf our web for information on our products or to contact us for more specific information!

The EBERS team


The origins of EBERS

EBERS stems from the Group of Structural Mechanics and Materials Modelling (GEMM) of the University of Zaragoza. Engineers, Mathematicians, Physicists, Biologists and Medical Doctors form nowadays the GEMM, configuring a highly multidisciplinary research structure.

The EBERS project is also currently supported by the University of Zaragoza by means of the spin-off programme as a proof of the innovative technology-based nature of its activity. Likewise, EBERS counts on the support of the everis Foundation, that decided to give both economical and technical support to the EBERS project at its first development stages through its entrepreneurs awards.


Company profile

For additional information on EBERS history and co-founders take a look at our company profile below, or just download it by clicking here.