3D Bio-byblos scaffolds

Bio-byblos is a Taiwanese company devoted to the manufacturing of scaffolds and 3D cell culture substrates. Bio-byblos matrices provide a more realistic cell culture environment that allow the interaction between cells.

These scaffolds can be used for the study of the cell metabolism, the investigation of new drugs and the observation of cell behaviour in a growth enviroment similar to the in-vivo conditions. Medical research, drug testing and tissue culture are potential applications of these scaffolds.

Two types of matrices are currently available, Cellusponge and GoMatrix, that can be supplied with different sizes and physical features.

Equipment for Tissue Engineering Research

EBERS Medical Technology is commited to developing general purpose Tissue Engineering flow bioreactors and culture chambers for cell culture and research in Tissue Engineering.

NEW!!! TC-3 mechanical stimulation bioreactor

The new Ttc3_portadaC-3 Bioreactor has been designed as a simple easy-to-use system suitable for cell culture under mechanical loading profiles defined by the user. It has been designed and manufactured thinking of the needs of researcher working on cell culture under mechanical stimuli.

The TC-3 combines the features of a traditional testing machine with the particular demands of cell culture, with special emphasis on the parts sterilization, easy assembling, sample inspection by microscopy techniques and easy manipulation. Also versatility and scalability is a key feature of hte TC-3 in which three grips models can be interchanged in order to adapt to the features of the testing substrate or scaffold.


TEB1000 flow bioreactor

The TEB1000 Master Unit  provides the necessary conditions for cell growing that allow developing cell cultures under accurately controlled flow conditions. The most important advantages of dynamic culture over static culture are the following:

  • Improved nutrient and O2 transport in 3D cultures, specially on those cultures developed on 3D scaffolds
  • Application of controlled mechanical stimulation due to flow action
  • Upregulation of several cell processes

EBERS bioreactors are fully compatible with any other equipment and do not require any additional device to develop the cultures, with the exception of the culture chamber.

    Culture chambers

    Use our vascular chamber to grow cell on tube-shaped scaffolds and the NEW P3D chambers to seed and culture cells on porous scaffolds under perfusion conditions, the simplest way to grow cells on porous scaffolds.

    Product support

    In order to support and improve the use of the P3D chambers, we have developed racks for the P3D chambers which will allow you to culture or seed your scaffols in a simple neat way.