Do I need humidity when using closed flow circuits?

Flow circuits are tipically closed. However, it is usually necessary to establish gas interchange between the culture medium and the atmosphere, which can result in unwanted variations of the medium properties. Therefore, using the humidity tray is recommended.

Does the TEB500 control humidity?

The TEB500 includes a humidity try which can be used to get high humidity levels in its chamber in order to avoid or minimise evaporation in the culture vessels. However, the TEB does not incorporate any humidity sensor, so it is not able to control de humidity level inside the chamber.

Can you help me to develop my growth protocols?

EBERS bioreactors are general purpose and conceived to be used with many different kinds of tissue. Thus, the culturing conditions and needs for each type of culture might differ as a function of a multitude of factors, like cell and scaffold type or additive supply.

Thus, the experimental conditions growth conditions should be particularized as a function of many variables, which joined to the specified flow conditions, we determine the result of the experiment. Therefore, developing a growth protocol requires of a deep knowledge of the experiment and the desired results, which will probably be far away from our understanding.

No one better than yourself can determine the most appropriate growing conditions for your particular experiment though, if possible, we would not hesitate in trying to advise you within our limitations.

Can the TEB500 be used with previously existing equipment?

Yes. Any equipment fitting inside the TEB500 - including tubing, accessories and culture chambers - may be used combined with the accessories provided by EBERS. No one better than yourself can decide the equipment you need for your experiment.

Note that in case of metallic of electronic equipments the humidity and gas concentration conditions inside the chamber of the TEB500 may negatively affect the equipment. Please check the compatibilty of your equipments with high humidity conditions before placing it inside the TEB500 chamber.