Can the actuation system be autoclaved?

No, and there is no need of sterilizing it since it is not going to contact the culture media at any time.

What is the maximal force the system can exert?

The actuation system can exert force up to 200 Newton. Thus, the maximal for on a single sample would be 200 N when only a chamber is in the system. It two or three chambers are being used simultaneously the applied force is shared by the all the samples. Hence, assuming that all the samples bear the same load, 100 and around 67 N would be applied on each chamber when 2 and 3 chambers are used in the system, respectively.

What is the minimal displacement increment which can be applied?

The minimal displacement increment which can be applied is 5 microns (0.005 mm).

Can the TC-3 measure the force which is applied on the sample?

No. The actuation system does not count on the resources to measure the force exerted on the cultured sample.