Do I need humidity when using closed flow circuits?

Flow circuits are tipically closed. However, it is usually necessary to establish gas interchange between the culture medium and the atmosphere, which can result in unwanted variations of the medium properties. Therefore, using the humidity tray is recommended.

Does the TEB1000 control humidity?

The TEB1000 includes a humidity try which can be used to get high humidity levels in its chamber in order to avoid or minimise evaporation in the culture vessels. However, the TEB does not incorporate any humidity sensor, so it is not able to control de humidity level inside the chamber.

Can I use the TEB1000 as an ordinary incubator?

EBERS TEB1000 Master Unit maintains the basic capabilities of an ordinary incubator. The incorporation of the additional functionalities does no affect the original performance of the Unit as an incubator since constant 37ÂșC temperature and C02 concentration are guaranteed inside. However, using the Master Unit as an incubator might have a negative effect on pumps, engines and electronics used for their control, specially in 100% humidity conditions. Thus, we recommend to avoid creating high humidity conditions in the Unit in order to safeguard the electric machinery.

Can I define and record my own flow profiles?

Yes. The TEB1000 allows defining and recording your customized flow profiles. For that purpose, three basic flow profiles are predefined in the bioreactor memory. By defining combinations of those profiles, you can easily create and store your flow profile so it is available for future cultures.