Can the chamber be used for tissue decellularization?

Yes! The Static Tubular Chamber can be directly used to decellularize a tubular piece of tissue or organ. Decellularizing medium can be both through the lumen and around the external surface of the organ in order to improve the efficiency of the process.

Can you repair my broken chamber?

The static tubular chamber is made of glass, which provides a lot of advantages regarding autoclaving, cleaning and sample visualization. However, glass is brittle and can accidentally break with use. We recommend you to contact our technical staff so they can evaluate whether your static chamber can be repaired or not. They will advice you about how to proceed with the broken chamber and indicate you the steps to take to get your chamber repaired, if possible.

Can you adapt the chamber to my scaffold dimensions?

Yes. The standard chamber can hold scafolds between 7 and 10 mm in diameter and 20 to 80 mm in length. However, we can manufacture a bespoke chamber for other scaffold dimensions so it better adapts to the dimensions of your scaffold.


Can the chamber be autoclaved?

Yes! The vascular chamber is made of autoclavable glass and plastics.