Can you supply P3D chambers with pre-inserted scaffolds?

The P3D samples are supplied disassebled without any scaffold. We do not manufacture scaffolds and, therefore, we are not including pre-inserted scaffolds in the chambers. However, we have had some experience with several scaffolds manufacturers and it could suggest specific suppliers if necessary. Contact us if you want to know more about scaffols suppliers!

How many samples can be held in the Seeding Rack?

The seeding rack is designed to hold up to five seedin circuits two P3D chamber each. Thus, the rack can simultaneously hold up to ten P3D chambers.

Is the Culture Rack necessary for the cultures?

It is not strictly necessary to perform a culture. However, using it is highly recommendable since it lets the user to keep the P3D chambers tidy and in a vertical position, which is very helpful in order to remove the influence of the chamber position when comparing two experiments. In addition, it becomes very helpful when simultaneously working with several samples to keep the set up manageable.

Can the P3D chambers be used with membrane scaffolds?

P3D chambers were designed to be used with porous scaffolds so, if the membrane is porous, it is theoretically possible to insert it in a P3D chamber and make the flow go through its pores. This is not the most common way to work with membranes, which are mainly two dimensional substrates in which the nutrient and oxygen delivery is easyly obtain by diffusion.

However, the application of flow by means of this set up can be used to mechanically stimulate the cells by means of:

  1. The application of pressure
  2. The application of direct substrate deformation


Both effects are obtained when culture media is pumped against and a non-porous deformable membrane inserted in the P3D chambers. Contact us  if you are interested in using the P3D chambers with a membrane susbtrate.