DWS in the TCES conference

Don Whitley Scientific, our distributor in the UK, will be showing our products in the TCES conference which will be held next week in Cardiff.

We kindly invite you to visit our booth in Cardiff.


EBERS in the IUPS 2013

EBERS is presenting the NEW Physiochip microfluidic-based culture system in the IUPS conference, which is taking place next week in Birmingham (UK)

We will be happy to show you the new system in our booth.

See you soon!


Dear Friends,

We will be exhibiting our products in the upcoming TERMIS-EU meeting which will take place next June 17-20 in Istanbul.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.




Our CEO is currently participating in the China International Scientific Instrument and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition, which is taking place in Beijing. If you are interested in meeting hime we may arrange an appointment!