Multiple simultaneous scaffold culture. Improved scalability

Increasing the number of simultaneous experiments may be of crucial importance in those cases in which the scalability of the experiment plays an important role in the obtaining of the desired results.

EBERS bioreactors and chambers allow increasing the number of simultaneous in several different ways. The list below shows some of the feasible configurations that allow developing multiple simultaneous experiments.



Alternatives to increase the number of simultaneous experiments



Use each pump for a different experiment

Configuring two experiments in the TEB1000 or TEB500 bioreactors taking advantage of the two pumping systems is the easiest way to carry out two simultaneous experiments.

Moreover, since each of the pumps can be controlled individually, this configuration allow developing two totally different experiments. Nevertheless, this solution admits only two simultaneous experiments, which is not much in principle.


Using multiple pumpheads in each engine

For those applications which need of using the two pumps at the same time, connecting several pumpheads to the same engine may be a feasible solution. Until four pumpheads may be connected to each engine, which allows to multiply the number of simultaneous experiments. This possibility is only available in the TEB1000 bioreactor.

Notice, however, that the flow condition will be identical for those pumpheads connected to the same engine.


Using one or more multichannel pumpheads

The TEB500 bioreactor is equipped with two four channels pumphead by default, which sums a total of 8 channels. In which the TEB1000 is concerned, it allows using the Low Flow pumphead, which is a five channel pumphead. Moreover, up to four pumphead can be used at the same time in the TEB1000, which renders a total of 20 channels.


Using flow distributing devices

In case only a pumphead is used, including a flow distributor device in the circuit may also be a feasible solution to get multiple simultaneous connections. Generally, this devices are custom manufactured to cover the particular demands of each experiment.


Contact our custom development department for additional information on this devices.