Dynamic scaffold seeding via perfusion flow

The appropriate seeding of scaffolds is crucial for the good performance of the experiments. Recent experiments have shown that dynamic seeding using perfusion flow is an excellent method to get homogeneous seeded cell populations (see, e.g., the work Dynamic Cell Seeding of Polymer Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering).

The EBERS TEB1000 bioreactor, the P3D chambers and the Seeding Rack can be used to develop dynamic cell seeding on porous scaffolds by configuring the experimental set-up shown below.


Materials and methods


Experimental set-up

Having a flow bioreactor lets you to easily configure a culture circuit for carrying our dynamic flow seeding of scaffolds.

For that purpose, it is only necessary to use a single pump to impulse the culture medium from two reservoirs are connected to the seeding chamber. Then, the high concentration culture media is pumped in alternative directions through the scaffolds thickness with the desired frequency so cells can adhere to the scaffold walls.


Flow profile

Regarding the flow profile necessary to recirculate the fluid through the scaffold, it can be easily applied in the flow bioreactor. Thereby, the high cell concentration media is recirculated through a scaffold so cells are seeded on it.

In addition, the seeding media should not go through the pumphead rollers, since they might squash cells floating in the medium.


Watch the main steps of the seeding process in this video!!!!