BlueBlink sensors overview

BlueBlink is a contactless sensing system for the measurement of oxygen concentration in gases and liquids. It is made of two basic parts: an optical reader and a sensing spot. Basically, the sensing spot should be placed in contact with the medium of interest so the reader can obtain a measurement of the oxygen amount.

The BlueBlink system is based on the fluorescence quenching physical phenomenon and, therefore, it has a negligible influence on the oxygen concentration in the analyte, which makes it indicated to be operated in small volumes.

Optical readers can measure through almost any non-colored transparent thin wall in a noninvasive mode. Moreover, the software allows operating up to ten readers simultaneously and log the measurements for post-processing through a single PC connection.

The BlueBlink most important features are the following:

  • It can be configured to perform periodical non-invasive measurements.
  • It uses a non-chemically-based measurement process.
  • It can be adapted to almost any non-colored transparent vessel.
  • Sensing spots are biocompatible, sterile and self-adhesive.
  • Bus connection for of up to ten optical readers through a single USB connector.
  • Each reader can be operated independently.
  • It provides precise and robust measurements.
P3D chambers
BlueBlink optical reader.