5 More Exciting 3D Bioprinting Companies

In this article we will highlight 5 more 3D Bioprinting startups that are also participating in the 3D Bioprinting space.

About OxSyBio

London based OxSyBio was founded thiOxSyBios year based on technology from Professor Hagan Bayley’s group in the Chemistry Department at the University of Oxford. Professor Bayley is no stranger to the startup world having founded Oxford Nanopore in 2005 which has raised in excess of $288 million USD of funding, and in 2014 launched the MinION, a hand-held DNA sequencing device. OxSyBio’s printing method inserts living cells into membrane-covered water droplets, which are then printed to create a three-dimensional structure. In April of this year, OxSyBio raised $1.6 million USD from IP Group (LON:IPO) to further develop their technology.