Rockefeller heir invests in Brooklyn-based 3D printed meat company Modern Meadow

printed meatAlthough there have been many who have explored what the near future of food-based 3D printing might look like, very few actual 3D printers have made it onto the market in an affordable package that is appealing to consumers like the MakerBot has done for polymer-based 3D printing. However, efforts such as those done by 3D Systems have helped push for 3D printing in commercial kitchens - although it’s still not known what sort of a long-term impact they may have on both food presentation and food science.

Now, an heir to one of the world’s richest families is “putting his money where his mouth is” and has backed an additive manufacturing-produced synthetic meat company from New York called Modern Meadow.

Justin Rockefeller, who is the great-great-grandson of Stand Oil founder John D. Rockefeller, feels that the “steak chips” created by Modern Meadow might be one of the next big industries as the future of food supplies continues to be one big question mark due to unpredictable weather patterns and methane gases.

"I have eaten a steak chip," Mr Rockefeller said recently. "It tasted like a salty steak chip. It was delicious."