TEB series solutions

The following table shows the solutions provided by our Master Unit to several frequent problems or demands of Tissue Engineering researchers using bioreactors:

ProblemAvailable market solutionMaster UnitAdvantages
Parallel cultures
  • Expensive equipments
  • General purpose devices
  • Non-customizable culture chambers
  • Multiple pumping systems
  • Customizable culture chambers
  • Up to 25 parallel simultaneous experiments
Fully customizable culture package system
  • Easily scalable
  • Customizable, flexible and versatile
  • Inexpensive
Bioreactor control Usually carried out by means of
  • External electronic control unit
  • External Computer
Fully integrated touch screen control No need of external control devices
  • Space saving in your laboratory
  • Inexpensive
Use of additional equipment Controls, actuators, culture chambers and many other complementary gadgets are usually required for growing cells in other bioreactors configuration Apart from the Master Unit, the culture package and the tubing and connectors necessary to complete the culture circuit, no other device is needed to work with EBERS bioreactors. EBERS bioreactors do not require of any additional device to grow cells, which carries
  • Cost saving
  • Use simplicity
Use of a CO2 incubator to get the appropriate conditions for cell development. The need of introducing the bioreactor inside and incubator carries a number of drawbacks as
  • The reduction of the useful space inside the incubator
  • Heat generation due to electrical engines
  • Heat loss due to power wires used to feed the bioreactor
  • Higher contamination risk
EBERS Master Unit gives all the capabilities of a CO2 incubator No need of a CO2 incubator
  • No heat generation associated to electric engines
  • No heat loss due to bad incubator closing
  • Reduced contamination risk
  • Space saving inside the incubator
  • Cost saving
Determination of the flow profile acting on cell populations A specific purpose software is frequently use to determine the flow profile applied on the cell populations An easy-to-use software is installed in the integrated control, which is controlled by means of a touch screen No need of external software, which implies:
  • No need of software updates
and, in general, removes all the problems associated to the use of a PC to control the equipment.


Please visit the technical specifications sheet for further information of the EBERS TEB series.

The architecture of the TEB series

EBERS bioreactors architecture is thought to provide the researcher a high flexibility in the experiment design.

For such purpose, EBERS bioreactor is formed by two different components:

  • Then TEB Master unit which provides the environmental conditions necessary for cell development
  • The culture chamber, which serves to host the cell seeded scaffolds and determines how the culture medium flow provided by the Master Unit acts on the cell populations.

the TEB Master Unit provides the necessary environmental conditions for cells development, whereas the cell seeded scaffolds are hosted inside an appropriate culture chamber, which determines the position of cells with respect to the established culture media flow.

The architecture of the TEB series

Master Unit TEB1000 Tissue Engineering bioreactor

Master Unit

Function: to provide the appropriate conditions for cell developing under flow conditions including:

  • Temperature control
  • pH regulation (through C02 concentration regulation)
  • Hypoxia conditions (02 levels between 0 and 21 percent)
  • Flow rate and flow profile
plus symbol
Perfusion chamber and disc for scaffold acommodation

Culture package

Function: to host scaffolds and cells in the appropriate position to be affected by the culture media flow created by the Master Unit in the desired way. EBERS offers culture packages for

  • Perfusion
  • Vascular tissue
  • Custom-made
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tubing for tissue engineering culture


Function: to complete the culture circuit. We provide

  • Tubing
  • Culture media reservoir
  • Flow dampener
  • Flow distributor
  • Custom developed accessories


The EBERS TEB series is a new line of bioreactors designed for cell culturing under flow conditions in Tissue Engineering research.

Aiming to cover the demands of a wide variety of researchers, the TEB bioreactors have been designed following a novel philosophy in the TE bioreactors field: it has been developed as an open system, suitable for many different applications and culturing configurations under flow conditions.

This new approach is based on the use of a master unit which provides the appropriate culture environment, including temperature, C02 and O2 concentration and culture media flow conditions, in which a culture chamber containing the growing cells is introduced.

Diagrammatic representation of the EBERS Tissue Engineering bioreactor TEB1000

Thus, EBERS bioreactors are composed of three main parts, i.e.

  • Master Unit

    Provides the appropriate environmental conditions for cell growing including

    • Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • Gas concentration (CO2 and O2)
    • Culture media flow
  • Interchangeable culture chamber

    The wide variety of these chambers that fit in the master unit is the key advantage of the EBERS bioreactor. Some examples are:

    • Perfusion chambers
    • Chambers for the culture of blood vessels
    • Existing own-design or commercial devices for culture flow
    • Custom developed culture packages
  • Scaffold

    As a function of the culture chamber, many different sorts of scaffolds may be used in our bioreactors both for 2D and 3D cell cultures. Just to give some examples, ceramic and polymeric are suitable candidates to be used in our bioreactor.


Advantages with respect to the existing bioreactors

This new concept of TE bioreactor carries a number of important advantages with respect to the bioreactors available in the market. The most important ones are the following

Versatility and flexibility The open design of the master unit, which only provides the environmental conditions for cellular development without establishing any limitation to the shape, size or nature of the culture package which will be hosted inside.
Cost saving Due to its unique design, the EBERS bioreactor is inexpensive compared to similar equipments, which is a crucial advantage in research.

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