The architecture of the TEB series

EBERS bioreactors architecture is thought to provide the researcher a high flexibility in the experiment design.

For such purpose, EBERS bioreactor is formed by two different components:

  • Then TEB Master unit which provides the environmental conditions necessary for cell development
  • The culture chamber, which serves to host the cell seeded scaffolds and determines how the culture medium flow provided by the Master Unit acts on the cell populations.

the TEB Master Unit provides the necessary environmental conditions for cells development, whereas the cell seeded scaffolds are hosted inside an appropriate culture chamber, which determines the position of cells with respect to the established culture media flow.

The architecture of the TEB series

Master Unit TEB1000 Tissue Engineering bioreactor

Master Unit

Function: to provide the appropriate conditions for cell developing under flow conditions including:

  • Temperature control
  • pH regulation (through C02 concentration regulation)
  • Hypoxia conditions (02 levels between 0 and 21 percent)
  • Flow rate and flow profile
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Perfusion chamber and disc for scaffold acommodation

Culture package

Function: to host scaffolds and cells in the appropriate position to be affected by the culture media flow created by the Master Unit in the desired way. EBERS offers culture packages for

  • Perfusion
  • Vascular tissue
  • Custom-made
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tubing for tissue engineering culture


Function: to complete the culture circuit. We provide

  • Tubing
  • Culture media reservoir
  • Flow dampener
  • Flow distributor
  • Custom developed accessories

Flow culture products

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  • TEB1000 series +

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  • P3D chambers +

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  • Tubular chambers +

    Control the rotation and luminal/external flow applied on your cylinder-shaped scaffolds. Read More
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TEB Series Facts!

  • Concept +

    The TEB series provide the conditions to develop cell culture under flow conditions in a simple versatile way. Read More
  • Architecture +

    TEB bioreactors are designed to reduce the contamination risk while while maximizing the useful space for experimental set-ups. Read More
  • Solved problems +

    Thanks to its smart design, the TEB series can solve many of the problems which arise when using home-made systems or other commercial solutions. Read More
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