Tubing, connectors, reservoirs and more

  • Tubing
  • Reservoirs
  • Flow dampeners
  • Flow distributors
  • Luer connectors

EBERS can provide you with the tubing necessary to develop your experiments. Depending on your needs, we recommend you a particular type of tube as well as its appropriate size in order to get the desired flow rate that satisfies your culturing requirements. We can supply very different tube kinds:

  • Peristaltic pump tubing
  • Gas permeable silicone tubing
  • Connection tubing

In addition to tubing, we also include a set of fast connectors that will easily allow configuring your culture circuit on your own.

Reservoir for Tissue Engineering

Choosing the optimal reservoir size optimizes the culture medium consume. EBERS provides 250 mL reservoirs with holed screw-caps adapted to the needs of each user by default. However, different volumes reservoirs might be used depending on the particular requirements of your culture.

Dampener for Tissue Engineering

Some applications might require the removal of the pulsatile flow profile provided by the peristaltic pumps. In those cases, the inclusion of a fluid dampener notably reduces the pulsatility by filtering the oscillations causes by the pump rollers.

Flow distributor for Tissue Engineering

Increasing the number of simultaneous tests can be achieved by using a flow distributor. This device serves to divide the flow rate provided by the bioreactor into several subchannels.

An independent experiment may be prepared in each channel, which improves the scalability of the experiment.

Luer connectos help you to set leak-free connexions

Luer connexion allow you to make leak-free connexions between tubes and chambers. There are a multitude of models which can adapt to different tube bores and geometries.

Contact us so we can advice you which connector components to use to build your culture circuit.

Circuit building components

EBERS can provide you with a wide variety of materials which are used to build a flow culture circuit, including several kinds of tubing, connectors and flow dampeners.

  • Tubing
  • Connectors
  • Reservoirs
  • Caps
  • Flow distributors
  • Flow dampeners

... and many others. We can offer any component you need. Make a query