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The P3D chambers have been designed to hold porous cylindrical scaffolds subjected to perfusion culture conditions. They have been conceived as disposable chambers and are supplied in sterile ready-to-use conditions aiming to facilitate the experimental set-up building process. The chambers are composed of two parts which hold the scaffold and fix it in the right position so the flow is homogeneously distributed through its whole volume. Two sizes are available to adapt to scaffolds of different diameters and lengths.

These chambers provide a cost-effective simple solution to grow cells on porous scaffolds under perfusion conditions. The allow seeding and culturing scaffolds in the same chamber reducing manipulation while minimising the contamination risk. They are available in two sizes: P3D-10 and P3D-6 for scaffolds from 9 to 11 mm  and from 5 to 7 mm in diameter, respectively.

The P3D chambers are single use and are supplied in twenty unit boxes and are supplied in a ready to use sterile package. Their main features are:

  • Smart design: surfaces perpendicular to the flow direction have been minimised in order to reduce flow recirculation areas. This way, surfaces where cell can attached are mostly removed.
  • Easy scaffold insertion and removal: scaffolds can be easily inserted and removed from the chamber without the need of complex systems that guarantee waterthightness, which is guaranteed without the need of using o-rings nor other threads.
  • Fully transparency: visually check the status of your cultured scaffold without the need of opening the chamber.
  • Improved locking system: chamber are equipped with a clip lock systems which prevents undesired openings caused by pulls or the tubing weight.
  • Luer connections: forget about fluid leaks thanks to the standard luer connexions. Connect the chamber to tubing, stopcocks or any other device easily, fairly and fast.
P3D chambers
P3D chamber with luer connectors in input and output ports.

P3D-6 Specifications

P3D-6 chambers
Connections Standard female luer connections
Color Transparent
Scaffold diameter 5 to 7 mm
Scaffold thickness 1 to 13 mm
Packing Individual sterile packing

P3D-10 Specifications

P3D-10 chambers
Connections Standard female luer connections
Color Transparent
Scaffold diameter 9 to 11 mm
Scaffold thickness 1 to 13 mm
Packing Individual sterile packing



Culture rack

Keep your P3D chambers tidy in a vertical position.


Seeding rack

Alternating dynamic seeding rack applied in up to 10 P3D chambers simultaneously.




Seeding circuits

Pre-assembled seeding circuits for the seeding rack and the P3D chambers.


Circuit building components

All the disposable materials necessary to build a flow circuit.





This video shows the main steps required to develop an alternating dynamic seeding experiment on porous scaffolds. The experimental set up is built using the the EBERS P3D chambers together with a seeding rack and the TEB1000 flow bioreactor.


P3D free samples!

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P3D brochure

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Custom solutions

Even thought the P3D chambers have been designed to several scaffold sizes, why know that your scaffold may doesn't fit in them.

Check our custom development service for bespoke chamber designs!!!

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