Seeding rack for the P3D chambers

Improving the results of the cell seeding process in porous scaffolds can be achieved by using a dynamic seeding technique. This procedure basically consists on perfunding a high cell concentration solution alternating the pumping direction at very slow flow rates, allowing the cells to get attached to the surface of the scaffold. This technique has been experimentally proved to provide highly homogeneous cell distributions as well as higher efficiencies compared to the manual seeding techniques.

EBERS has designed this rack to be used with the P3D chambers in dynamic seeding experimental set-ups. It allows the user to set up to five parallel seeding circuits with two chambers in each circuit and, just by easyly opening or closing the circuit stopcocks, using the same rack and circuit to culture the cells on the scaffolds after the seeding process.

  • Holds five independent parallel seeding circuits
  • Two P3D chambers in each circuit
  • Stainless-steel made, easy to clean
  • Build-up multiple experimental set-ups in a in a tydy way
  • Holds chambers and circuit reservoirs in vertical position, allowing for the visualization of medium levels

Technical Specifications

Culture Rack
Support rack for 5 seeding/culture circuits (5 x 2 chambers/circuit)
Chamber positions 10
Material Stainless steel
Compatibility P3D-6 and P3D-10 chambers
Autoclavable Yes
Cell culture atmosphere compatible Yes