Cell culture on plane surfaces

Maybe the simplest application of flow to cell culture is a experimental set-up for cell grow on a bi-dimensional surface. Although simple, this experimental set-up is also highly versatile and has been intensively used to study the effect of shear stress caused by culture medium flow on cell functions.

EBERS TEB series bioreactors easily allow culturing cells on bi-dimensional surfaces subjected to flow conditions. As an example, the main components of a suitable experimental set-up are shown below.


Materials and methods


A feasible 2D culture plaque

Both EBERS bespoke chambers and third party chambers can be used for the set-up. A commercial disposable 2D culture chamber is used in this case.


Experimental set-up configuration

The experimental set-up configuration determines the number of samples which can be grown simultaneously. Setting up several culture plaques in parallel may be an excellent way to increase the productivity of your experiments with a fixed culture conditions.

Only of the two independent pumping systems available in the TEB1000 bioreactor equiped with a one channel pumphead have been used in this set-up.Then, in order to increase the number of simultaneous experiments, an appropriate tube distribution has been used.


Tube connection detail

Tube connexion must be carefully done in order to guarantee the appropriate flow conditions on the cultures. Then, the only remaining step to start with the culture is to program the TEB1000 so the desired flow is pumped through the chambers.