Monitoring software

The TEB1000 monitoring software allows recording the temperature and gas concentration values to a computer. The software is easy to install and operate and lets the user to register of the relevant culture values and their evolution during the culture time.

The software is supplied together with the necessary libraries to be run on a Windows operated computer. An RS232 or USB por will be necessay in order to make it to work.



  • Software for PC-based monitoring and data logging for the TEB1000
  • Trends and archives critical data of the Master Unit: temperature, CO2 and O2 concentrations
  • Enables rapid setup through intuitive programming
  • Offers text alarm notifications
  • Allows alarms to be annotated for complete traceability using a user-defined “add event” feature
  • Lets you customize trend screens
  • Includes software and cable to connect one Master Unit. Computer requires a RS-232 or USB port