Rotating tubular chamber

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The rotating tubular chamber has been designed to allow seed and culture processes on tubular scaffolds by means of the rotation while culture media is circulate through the lumen and around the external surface of the scaffold. The combination of the rotation movement with the TEB series constitutes a full system for tissue engineering research with tubular scaffolds. 

This chamber can be used in combination with the TEB series, which allows developing:

  • Cell seeding, by means of rotation
  • Culture, simulating the blood flow by applying flow through the lumen of the scaffold

Also culture media in the outer surface of the scaffold can be pumped through an external circuit.

The lumen diameter of the scaffolds used in the chamber can be as small as 1 mm o lower and the useful length can vary from 5 to 15 mm.

Capillar vessels and small tube-shaped organs subjected to luminal flow are good candidates to be culture in this chamber, which is suitable to apply flow conditions and rotation simultaneously.

Rotating chamber
Rotating chamber for tubular scaffolds.


See the table below for the technical data of the tubular chamber

Rotating tubular chamber
Autoclavable Yes
Flow circuits
  • Luminal flow circuit
  • External flow circuit
Scaffold type Tubular scaffolds
Scaffold internal diameter[*] Variable
Scaffold length Variable
Rotation speed 0.66 to 600 revolutions per hour
Rotation modes
  • Continuous
  • Intermittent
  • Alternating
Control PC-based control software


[*]: Consult us for detailed information on the available bores.



Circuit building components

All the disposable materials necessary to build a flow circuit.



Technical specifications