TC-3 accessories


Anchoring systems

Adjustable anchoring system

Adjustable anchoring system

This anchroing system allows to customize the length of the chamber shaft in order to adapt it to the length of the scaffold. Thereby, the deformation conditions can be adjusted when working with different length scaffolds or to obtain homogenous conditions when working with the hydrostatic pressure chambers. It is comaptible with all the chambers and grips available.


Single sample tension & compression


Tension & compression chambers

Culture chambers are designed to be compatible with all the available deformation grips.

rodlike grips

Rod-like scaffolds grips

Apply tension loads on cylindrical or sheet-like scaffolds.

compression grips

Compression grips

Apply compression loads on your scaffolds.

membrane grips

Sheet-like scaffolds grips

Apply tension loads to membranes or sheet-like substrates.


Multiple sample tension & compression

20cavities 80

Multi-cavity 20 samples tension & compression chamber

Up to twenty samples subjected to the same tension and/or compression loads.

tension 80

Tension grips for the multi-cavity chamber 

Grips suitable for the application of simultaneous tension loads on multiple sample.

compression 80

Compression grips for the multicavity chamber

Grips designed for the application of compression loads simultaneously on multiple samples.


Tension, compression and flow

tension-compresion and flow chamber

Tension-compression & flow chamber

This chambers allows applying flow through the pores of your scaffold while subjected to compressive loads and flow thorugh the lumen of your tubular scaffold when subjected to tension loads.

compression-flow grips

Flow and compression grips

Apply perfusion through the pores of your scaffold while subjecting it to compressive loads.

flow-tension grips

Flow and tension grips

Use this set of grips to create tension conditions on your sample while subjected to luminal flow.


Hydrostatic pressure


Hydrostatic pressure chamber

Apply up to 4 bar of hydrostatic pressure to your samples using the TC-3 system.


Electrical stimulation


Electrical stimulation module

Create coordinated electrical and mechanical stimulation conditions.