Equipment for research in cell culture

EBERS Medical Technology SL is devoted to the development of equipment for cell and tissue culture.

We are focused in creating new and innovative products which help the users to improve their protocols by providing new tools able to simplify research tasks or offering technical solutions which make easier to develop new experimental set-ups in simple and efficient way.

EBERS manufactures, markets and service products for research institutions in several countries by means of its distributors network and also provides extensive development services of bespoke culture chambers for tissue engineering.

We encourage you to check our website to find out about our products!

Compatible accessories

  • Tension-compression & flow chamber +

    This TC-3 culture chamber -which allows applying the combined application of mechanical and flow loads- has been designed to be Read More
  • Flow-compression grips +

    These grips have been designed to apply compression loads and perfusion flow through the pores a thick scaffolds simultaneously. To Read More
  • Flow-tension grips +

    Designed to allow the application of flow through the lumen of tubular vessels simultaneous to the application of tension loads. Read More
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