TEB1000 Accessories & Consumables list


These are the accessories available for the TEB1000 bioreactor series.




This is the consumables list which can be used with the P3D chambers.


If you have question or would like to receive additional information about the P3D accessories and consumables, do not hesitate to contact us!

TEB1000 images and videos




This video shows the main steps required to develop an alternating dynamic seeding experiment on porous scaffolds. The experimental set up is built using the the EBERS P3D chambers together with a seeding rack and the TEB1000 flow bioreactor.


Compatible accessories

  • Tension-compression & flow chamber +

    This TC-3 culture chamber -which allows applying the combined application of mechanical and flow loads- has been designed to be Read More
  • Flow-compression grips +

    These grips have been designed to apply compression loads and perfusion flow through the pores a thick scaffolds simultaneously. To Read More
  • Flow-tension grips +

    Designed to allow the application of flow through the lumen of tubular vessels simultaneous to the application of tension loads. Read More
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