Technical support

We offer Technical support by telephone in office time. Call to (+34) 876 013 826  to speak to an EBERS engineer. In case you prefer contacting us by email, please write you enquiries to our service and support department.

EBERS aims to help our customer to develop their tissue engineering experiments. For this purpose, we offer a custom development service for new culture chambers and accessories.

Our multidisciplinary team, which counts on engineers, mathematicians and biologists provides us of a wide view of the tissue engineering field, and help us to give our customers a service adequate to their needs.

Warranty information

EBERS products are covered by a warranty which includes

  • TEB series (mechanical, electrical and software): 2 years
  • TC-3 series (mechanical, electrical and software): 2 years
  • Culture chambers: 2 years
  • Third Party Products: Manufacturer's Warranty


Consult us in order to receive a replacement component in case of breaking or degeneration of any of our small-size accessories.

Compatible accessories

  • Tension-compression & flow chamber +

    This TC-3 culture chamber -which allows applying the combined application of mechanical and flow loads- has been designed to be Read More
  • Flow-compression grips +

    These grips have been designed to apply compression loads and perfusion flow through the pores a thick scaffolds simultaneously. To Read More
  • Flow-tension grips +

    Designed to allow the application of flow through the lumen of tubular vessels simultaneous to the application of tension loads. Read More
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