Adjustable anchoring system

The TC-3 bioreactor allows running up to three culture chambers in parallel with under the same deformation conditions. However, since the scaffolds used for the culture have usually different dimensions, which can result in different deformation conditions as a function of the particular size of each scaffold.

The adjustable anchoring system allows to modify the length of the shaft of each chamber in order to adapt it the the size of the scaffold in each chamber. By means of a simple mechanism, this system can also be used to adjust the hydrostatic pressure chambers to provide the same pressure conditions or to adapt length of the shaft to run a experiment with "long" and "short" scaffolds simultaneously.

It is compatible with all the available TC-3 chambers and grips.


Technical Specifications

Adjustable anchoring system
Anchoring system adjustable in length to be used with the TC-3 system
Material Stainless steel
Adjustment range +/- 3 [mm]


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