3D Bio-byblos scaffolds

Bio-byblos is a Taiwanese company devoted to the manufacturing of scaffolds and 3D cell culture substrates. Bio-byblos matrices provide a more realistic cell culture environment that allow the interaction between cells.

These scaffolds can be used for the study of the cell metabolism, the investigation of new drugs and the observation of cell behaviour in a growth enviroment similar to the in-vivo conditions. Medical research, drug testing and tissue culture are potential applications of these scaffolds.

Two types of matrices are currently available, Cellusponge and GoMatrix, that can be supplied with different sizes and physical features.

  • Cellusponge

    Three-dimensional porous hydroxipropylcellulose (HPC) scaffolds which have been designed to be used with cells not requiring specific ligands.
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  • Go-Matrix

    Three-dimensional gelating scaffold with a uniform micro-structure and pore sizes of 60, 90 and 130 [um].
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  • VivoAlign

    Polystyrene nanogroove scaffolds suitable for skeletal muscle research, neural differentiation, cell migration, cell motility research and drug testing.
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